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A Mother’s Wisdom

“This too shall pass…”

  I hear my Momma say.  Throughout my lifetime, I have heard the sweet, gentle voice of my Mother imparting her wise words to so many in the darkest of times and in moments  where life couldn’t get any better. And while these words are not of her own creation, they are to me and to all who’ve been blessed with  her sage advice over the years.  It is a reminder that the hard times will pass(sometimes painfully like a kidney stone as she often jokes) and that we must carry on.  It is a reminder that  pure happiness is often discovered in the briefest of moments and that we should embrace this bliss  while we can.


Busted after breaking the screen with the football

  As a teen, I would simply dismiss these words of truth- “She doesn’t understand.”  Oh but she does.  She was a single Mother of three and worked two jobs to make ends meet. She lost a daughter to cancer a few years back and carried on-  as a registered nurse, she helped to deliver one of her grandchildren and held hands with patients as they took their last breath embracing the beauty and sadness of it all.  She whispered, “this too shall pass” on my wedding day and again during my divorce.  With a teenage daughter of my own now, helping to guide and let her create her own path, I speak my Mother’s words…


My selfless and loving Momma is 85 years old today.  She still works as a part-time RN nurse and only recently retired from full-time shifts.  She sits along the river bank fishing with my children –  knowing- “this too shall pass.”

The difficult times and the good times will always pass; embrace them both and know that each will teach you.  

What words of wisdom do you hear from a loved one?

Tough Mothers

In Steven Pressfield’s book the Gates of Fire, he tells the story of how the Spartan King Leonidas selected the 300 hundred Spartan men who were chosen to fight the enemy at the Battle of Thermopylae.

“The King didn’t pick his 300 champions for their warrior prowess… he picked them instead for the courage of their women…for the strength of their wives and mothers to bear up under their loss”

Leonidas knew that death at Thermopylae was inevitable.  So why then, would he send his men into die knowing their fate?  He understood that Sparta would face other battles and if it were to  remain standing, it would be because the wives and mothers would hold Sparta up on their shoulders  and not give way to despair as this would mean death to  all of Greece.

“The Spartan women did not break nor give way.”  

Spartan women

A year later, the Greek fleet was able to hold back the Persians at Salamis and Plataea hence ensuring the survival of the West because of their women.

And it remains true today, that the survival of our families, communities and culture  in large part is due to ‘tough mothers’ and wives and daughters.  I give my love and all my thanks to the selfless woman who adopted me and raised three children on her own a  Tough Mother award.

May we be one or may we know one.  Happy Mothers Day!