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The Beauty of Love

Whether I’m speaking to a group of women at the local women’s shelter, interacting with   my teenage students, listening to the stories of a  WWII veteran, or catching up with a  close friend going through a rocky relationship, there is a common thread that binds them all;  a need for acceptance and reassurance that they are valuable and loved in spite of their flaws.

Some of these courageous people that I have the pleasure of knowing and working with in the community feel lost, weak, incomplete and that their sense of purpose has dissipated in the fog.  I believe it is in these times when people are often at their weakest where love is most needed.


Not given handouts or pity thrown freely rather loved and healed with  empathy, honesty, someone to truly  listen, create deep connections and  provide hope and support  where possible.  A love that will carry  them through the painful times, walk beside them through the challenging times,  encourage them to become the best versions of themselves and honor their successes.

When we reach out and do this, it not only helps another recognize their worth, it strengthens the bond between two people, a small inner circle and can have a beautiful rippling effect throughout our community.

Where do you see the beauty of love being extended in your hometown?


Bridging Trust

A brief magical moment in time standing on a scenic lookout

along an April evening rivers edge-

A crisp twenty degrees with a light rain upon my head-

Breathing in all the wonders that surrounded me-   the bridge to freedom and trust

stillness of the water,  swain’s presence and the vast,  cool and darkened sky-

I was wrapped in a blanket of tranquility

my heart open and alive.


Memorial Bridge




Tough Mothers

In Steven Pressfield’s book the Gates of Fire, he tells the story of how the Spartan King Leonidas selected the 300 hundred Spartan men who were chosen to fight the enemy at the Battle of Thermopylae.

“The King didn’t pick his 300 champions for their warrior prowess… he picked them instead for the courage of their women…for the strength of their wives and mothers to bear up under their loss”

Leonidas knew that death at Thermopylae was inevitable.  So why then, would he send his men into die knowing their fate?  He understood that Sparta would face other battles and if it were to  remain standing, it would be because the wives and mothers would hold Sparta up on their shoulders  and not give way to despair as this would mean death to  all of Greece.

“The Spartan women did not break nor give way.”  

Spartan women

A year later, the Greek fleet was able to hold back the Persians at Salamis and Plataea hence ensuring the survival of the West because of their women.

And it remains true today, that the survival of our families, communities and culture  in large part is due to ‘tough mothers’ and wives and daughters.  I give my love and all my thanks to the selfless woman who adopted me and raised three children on her own a  Tough Mother award.

May we be one or may we know one.  Happy Mothers Day!