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The Murph Challenge

My son is sticking by my side in the Murph challenge today. This is very uncomfortable but we press on.  This challenge is so aptly named after U.S. Navy Seal  Lt. Michael Murphy who was killed in the line of duty. His service made famous by the movie Lone Survivor.

In what aspect of your life have you faced  fear  head on in the name of personal growth or a cause bigger than yourself? 

How the Mentally Strong Handle Hard Times

With recent MRI results coming back on my son, we were disappointed to say the least.  It takes a few days to process the possibility of him having brain surgery for the second time.  What he and I  won’t do however, is sit around and feel sorry for ourselves and do nothing.  We have come to understand that there are certain characteristics that most or all mentally strong people utilize when hard times fall their way.

 1.  They focus on what they can control -even if it’s just their attitude in approaching a difficult situation

 2. They create a course of action-they figure out what the possible solutions are and get to work on what they need to do. They keep moving!

 3.  They practice gratitude-morning|noon|night-it’s tough to see the rainbow through the clouds so they look closer at the small things around them that they are grateful for such as taking a walk with their dog, a call from a distant friend.

4.   They evaluate their priorities-while experiencing loss and hardships, one must always remember as Stephen Covey calls them, the big rocksbig-rocks or what is most important in their lives; it may be their health, family, job etc… take care of the big rocks.

5.  They draw on their inner strength-they remain committed to having a positive outlook and staying the course til the storm calms no matter how long this may take.

It is often in the worst of times that we discover the scars we have endured are  our strengths| the miles we’ve run are our determination to never quit| the difficult situations we face are opportunities to find the positives| and walking through our fears is how we develop the courage to carry on~




Getting out of your own way

I’m happy that I finally have decided to ‘get out of my own way’ and move forward with my passion and purpose to connect  others through the power of story(we all have one).  The unleashing came in discovering Danny’s story of thriving and living life to the fullest in spite of  his MS diagnosis.  Dream Big, Dream Often has been a source of comfort, motivation and a good ole swift kick in the rear just when I needed it.