• Who’s in Your Corner?

      Have you ever felt like life keeps beating you down?  Been dealt a bad hand? Had your heartbroken? Fallen ill with no support? Or perhaps  hard financial times have

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  • The Comforts of the Shadow

    In the shadow of ourselves we worry not. We punch the time clock promptly @ 5 pm and hurry home to prop our feet up and forget about the day.

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  • Lessons Learned from a 7 year old

    A few times a month I have the privilege of visiting, playing games with and helping kids with homework at our local children’s emergency abuse shelter.  They have taught me

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  • The MDL

    Sitting around a campfire awhile back at a leadership conference with three people I had never met before and a kind, father like figure to me, I told my story.

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  • 6 Tips for Embracing Struggle

    Sitting down in front of the laptop, I begin to type away.  I pause again and again.  Twisting about in my chair… I get up  for a glass of water.

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  • In the Arena

    My dear friend Romy and his team at SIS recently celebrated their one year anniversary at the end of June of opening the doors to their spinal cord rehab center.

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  • Kids & Commitment

    Seek first to understand then to be understood “Can you really afford to go on vacation with the kids with all your bills and such?” says a well-intentioned friend. My

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  • What’s Your Dream? 

    Ever since I moved away from my beloved  state of North Carolina, I have been dreaming of the day when I can buy a home there so I can once

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  • When the Curtain Closes

    ACT ONE: After fours years  of memorizing  lines, countless costume changes, and friendships formed, Pat took to the stage of Pamlico HS for the last time.  He often took on

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  • How the Mentally Strong Handle Hard Times

    With recent MRI results coming back on my son, we were disappointed to say the least.  It takes a few days to process the possibility of him having brain surgery

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