Quotes and Pushbacks

Have you ever wondered if those who post quotes on their social media sites actually read and truly live and believe in these quotes?abe

 Are we posting them to inspire others or ourselves?  Are they lashing out  in anger,  denial, crying out for help, griefing the death of a loved one or their favorite basketball team that didn’t make it into the final four of March Madness(no worries- mine is still in there- GO UNC!),-  or  deflecting upon others what we need to see or change within ourselves? Maybe our intentions are to bring about positive change in this world or open one another hearts and minds to a new perspective.

Perhaps it is all of these.


When scrolling through the other day, I came across this all too familiar quote and stopped to reflect on it.  While idle gossip rarely serves any good purpose, there ARE plenty of good reasons to discuss people.

I discuss with my students Martin Seligman and people on campus who radiate positivity.

The children I mentor at the abuse shelter discuss who is being nice to them.

I discuss people who have inspired me to serve a purpose bigger than myself, pried opened my heart to the possibility of love again and those who share a mutual affection for nature.

I discuss great warriors, writers, teachers, coaches with my son.

What is important to keep in mind when scrolling through our social media feeds at lightening speed, is that we always have a choice of how we react and respond to it.  If you use it to make you better, you’ll be a winner every time!











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