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Room 3

I found myself in a gorgeous hospital gown last evening enjoying my large suite and gazing adoringly upward at the beautiful flower(yep, that was the morphine talking). 

About twenty minutes into my Staycation, Paramedics brought in a gentleman probably in his early 50’s suffering from chest pains- they placed him in the room next to mine. After the doctor looked him over, his family shuffled in eagerly waiting to wrap their arms around him.

It’s amazing when you’re all hooked up and doped up how keen your  senses become-ahmmm… hearing.

No, I wasn’t eavesdropping they were talking loudly and the curtain to my suite was wide open.

This family spoke lovingly to him and laughter was abound.

And then a few moments later…

“I NEED HELP” as he went into what appeared to be cardiac arrest. A nurses assistant quickly escorted the mother and patient’s elderly father back to the waiting room as the mother cried out “WHY?”

The ER doctor on duty and several others ran to his aide putting forth every bit of effort, training and skills to bring him back to life… to no avail.

While this post has a somber tone, I write it as a wonderful reminder to myself and for others:

-There will always be someone who has it worse off than you.

Count your blessings. 

-Find something beautiful everywhere you go-See

-Enjoy the laughter that fills a room-Hear

-Savor the flavor of homemade family recipes-Taste

-Breathe in fresh air-Smell

May the gentleman in room-3 feel the love of his family and God’s arms surrounding him.

To his family… I offer my thoughts, prayers and appreciation for Life!

To the ER staff~ I applaud you for your courage, compassion and resiliency you bring to every time card you punch.

May God Bless you all.

Molon Labe

  The young Spartan woman battled with disregard of cost
  She fought valiantly for love and suffered heavy loss
He was her King though she knew he could not stay
Leonidas  journeyed on to fight another day
Molon Labe
He fought for town and country and all that was right and just
Foregoing his own desires; his duty was a must.


Nery a word was spoken as she greeted him at the door
The King’s heart and mind were heavy from the toils of the war
Molon Labe
Peace came unto him when he laid down in her arms
For he knew his Spartan Lady would never  do him  harm
His lady knew the sacrifice that she would have to make 
It bear a striking resemblance of the task he now faced
Molon Labe
She fought for town and country and all that was right and just
Foregoing her own desires; her duty was a must.