Hot Rod & Humble Pie

Every morning and night, I write down 1-3 things I am grateful for .  It helps keep me looking on the bright side of life.  

One of my entries yesterday – I am grateful for the -76 Ford Granada I had  in high school.  Looking at the picture, you might be saying – “Pepper, what a  sh*t bucket” and you’d be right… it was.


What made this ‘hot rod’ so awesome?    Those wheels were earned.

Yep, paid a whopping $2,000 for the beauty.  I worked at Fayva Shoe Store after school each day EARNING… drum roll please…  $3.35 an hour and other jobs babysitting and cutting grass.

Cha-Ching!! $$


My Momma said whatever amount you work and save towards a car, that she would match it.  Woohoo!!

This car was no where near the flashy cars many of my high school classmates drove to school.  It did however teach me some valuable lessons…

*I felt a great sense of accomplishment

*If you want something bad enough be willing to put in the work for it; you WILL appreciate and value it a million times more than something just handed to you on a silver platter.

work hard

*There will always be someone else who has it better or worse than you.  Be kind to both.

My precious ’76 baby blue Ford Granada met its demise a few months after buying her.  WTH?!

Engine blew.

*Remember, you get what you work for.  Mom gave me a sweet deal and I chose the quickest route to instant material gratification.

*A slice of humble pie and sweat will always serve you well.



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