Connection – Grandpa vs. Gary Vee

I’m sure there are more than a handful of you out there who are like me-children of the BCCI Era- before cells, computers,  and internet.  Thank goodness too- I’m pretty sure I would still be grounded!  Yep, you too huh?  

Before the world went and got itself in a big darn hurry, some of my best memories come from sitting under a giant Oak tree that shaded my Grandpa’s home where we lived for a time. He told the best stories- the kind that made us  laugh til tears streamed down our face, the kind that convinced my brother and I that working in his  cabbage fields was far more fun than sleeping in on the weekends.  The kind that made us realize how blessed we were because there was always someone who had it a little bit tougher than we did, and the kind of stories that have kept me wanting to connect with others and helping my children understanding the value of storytelling and connection.IMG_0034

So, does it matter How we share our stories?  I think  we must first know Why we are sharing our stories and who is your audience?  Is it a means of earning money?  A way of processing the scars we’ve had to endure, or perhaps because we love writing and/or helping others. It could be a combination of all of these and that’s ok, too.

Like, Grandpa, I’m old school and seem to have a love/hate relationship with this  21st century way of connecting  online with people – it  can be pretty scary and overwhelming at times.  I like to see and feel someone’s emotions in person when I hear or share a story. Can I translate that raw  human emotion through a text,  blog, IG, Snapchat(I don’t have this for the record), Tweet, or FB post?    I can operate a car, a Bissell, help build a non-profit organization, and a relationship with each of my 100 students but ask me to load a photo on to Instagram… well, you can take a look at my Instagram and you’ll see what I’m talking about. And  Twitter? –  I have resisted it like there is no tomorrow!  I think I’m well over the 140 character count by now with this post!

It is part of a growth mindset  to remain open to new ways of connecting.  I have met via online some amazingly, inspiring people-  umm, hello have you met Danny @ Dream Big, Dream Often?!  Or Kerri @ InsideOutFitnessandNutrition – more than once I’ve said to myself “what would Kerri do- exercise or not?”  Of course she would choose the former so off I went… Thanks, Kerri!  🙂

Grandpa would say…

social media rabbit

 Can someone really meet with great success and tell an effective story with a picture or in three short sentences?   Well, you be the judge…

Gary Vee would say…

gary vee story



 While I  will always be most fond of the ‘grab a chair under the old Oak tree’ kind of stories or quick to grab my journal and pen – I think there is room and a need for both the traditional means of telling stories and connecting and those that well… require wifi.

Here’s some food for thought by Gary Vee  on the need to stay with the times if we want to stay connected in the 21st century.







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