In the Arena Spotlight – 7/3/16

One of my greatest joys in creating this site is reading and connecting with others through our stories- and lifting one another up. 🙂

I try as best I can to share the thoughts and writings of so many of you.

Daily life has a way of getting the best of you- IF you let it.  This won’t be happening to me- however, I will need to be more efficient with my time In the Arena.  As  a working full-time Mom, community outreach volunteer, taxi driver of said children, cheerleader on the sidelines of my kids games and oh, yeah… pursuing a new endeavor and taking care of Me- time management is I guess you can say- super important.

I will be highlighting  In the Arena Spotlight posts once a week that challenge my thinking, lift others up, inspire, offer up a dish of laughter, love and demonstrate courage, principles of leadership and purpose.  Please click over and get to know these wonderful people and writers. 🙂

In the Arena:


*Brooke on The Utopia Universe always does her best to have an optimistic outlook on life which lets face it- can be hard to do.  I often feel a sense of joy and peace after reading her posts and she is always so kind to recognize the work of others 


*Momma over at  A Momma’s View is great at creating connections with others.  She genuinely wants to get to know those who visit her site and that she interacts with and provides refreshing perspectives on what it means to be human. Be sure to check out her  views in the land  ‘down under.’


*Danny -AKA- The  Bomb Diggity as I like to call him…  over at Dream Big, Dream Often  challenges me to turn my brain on and reflect on those hard life questions while always going above and beyond to help others-and- with  a great sense of humor despite facing some pretty big challenges in life.  He is the epitome of being In the Arena!


*BBB- BeautyBeyondBones– This young lady is a talented writer, amazingly strong in her convictions and  what I would consider to be a wonderful role model for young women/girls. She is very insightful and fully immerses herself into understanding the challenges she has endured and  faced with grace, humility, a sense of humor and tremendous Faith.


*Kerri Elizabeth-  at Inside Out Fitness and Nutrition– She leads by example- motivates and inspires others to value  a healthy lifestyle and radiates warmth and a deep love for the land, nature and above all else her children. And you won’t believe she is a Grandma. Trust me- you won’t believe it! This woman must have written the book on the fountain of youth 🙂


*Mr. Rodge’s Neighborhood– A fellow educator who understands the great joys and yes, challenges we fellow teachers face in the classroom.  He seems to hold many keys to unlock  motivation and maps towards success.   He is a newcomer to the world of blogging and I think he has a bright future ahead of him! Be sure to stop by and say hi.


Dare greatly


















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