6 Tips for Embracing Struggle

Sitting down in front of the laptop, I begin to type away.  I pause again and again.  Twisting about in my chair… I get up  for a glass of water.  I sit and stare again at the bright glaring screen.  It’s screaming at me… “TYPE SOMETHING, FOR GOODNESS SAKE.”

fed up

I collapse in my seat, frustration fills the air.  My shoulders tense up- eyes narrow.

I  hit delete and walk away.

Resistance gives me a sly grin and calls it a day.

Have you ever felt like this?  The struggle to learn a new skill, establish a new healthy habit, write the perfect blog post or perhaps meet a sales quota is frequently met with overwhelming feelings of failure.   This is human nature to avoid that which is uncomfortable.  We internalize it deeply and often let it slowly chip away at our core being.

Embracing the struggle however is a biological necessity.  Often times, this struggle will present itself when we are at the ‘almost there’ mark. It’s the last push to the finish line.

“Neurons that fire together wire together”

brain neurons

Every single time we commit to learn any new skill,  healthy habit or achieve a goal, we are strengthening the neural connections in our brain.  This also holds true for actions that are less than desirable such as if we are quick to anger and spout off mean, hurtful statements to others before taking the time to think before we speak, practicing unhealthy eating habits, or texting while driving.  The more we say and do… The more we will say and do those same things over and over again. Right or wrong.

 So how do we honor the struggle and keep our neurons on the right path?

1-Commit to daily practice & create concrete, vivid images of what you want to learn/accomplish-  “I want to learn how to play chords C -G- E on the guitar.”



2-Consider having an accountability partner

3-Be aware and acknowledge to yourself and/or others when you are struggling- Umm, hello this is me hand raised!

4-Pay attention to your mistakes and use them as guides for improving

5-Never attach mistakes to self worth- I Am Enough!

6-Celebrate small successes and keep moving forward


In the films Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, we came to admire the quirky blue tang fish “Hi,  I’m Dory” and learn that despite Dory’s frequent blunders and  every ten second repeats due to memory loss, “Hi, I’m Dory” –  that we need to all…









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