Father’s Day

Father’s Day has always been bittersweet for me.  As a young girl, most of the males in my life were far from Fatherly and kind to me, my brother and Momma.

When we moved far away from my grandparents, I was so angry as my grandparents were my world!

We moved next door to a man who had two daughters my age.

As I slowly began to build what is now a 30+ year friendship with them, I will always be grateful for that first dinner invitation.  Albeit, I wasn’t thrilled when Dad said we were having pea soup on toast.

I thought he serious!

He welcomed me into their home- invited me to every very large family gathering- they became family.  I babysat the younger cousins.  He took me on vacation with the girls and grounded me too when we did wrong(which rarely happened of course- 😉

He hugged me and didn’t hurt me.

He came to my high school and college graduation.  He let me move in with them for a time when I needed a place to stay- he teased me and gleamed with pride when I got married.

He laughed with me and the girls and was at the hospital when I gave birth to my children.

He gleefully packed Christmas presents in cardboard tube containers with TONS of tape!!!

All the things a Father, a Dad, a Man does for his children…

Although I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like, every year on this day he is especially on my mind, in my heart daily and always in my prayers.

His presence in my life has meant more than he will ever know.

Happy Father’s Day to all who wear the Dad shoes.  

dad shoes





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