What’s Your Dream? 

Ever since I moved away from my beloved  state of North Carolina, I have been dreaming of the day when I can buy a home there so I can once again- hike the trails, play in the cricks  and sit down on my wooden swing on the front porch with a glass of sweet iced tea like my grandpa used to make and  hang my sign…  Home Sweet Home…

This is my personal lifelong dream.  

However, this big dream won’t come to fruition by wishing it so or waiting for someone else to make it come true.

Many of us daydream of having a better paying or more enjoyable career- being more physically fit- debt free-a bigger house and the list goes on… Many of our lofty daydreams are just that… daydreams and that’s ok.

What about that one dream you hold sacred, that eats away at you day in and day out- years go by-the dream that still lives in your heart and gut?

Yep, this is me in my element with a dear friend of mine who knows I will make this dream a reality! Ain’t that right, Jen! 🙂

The fundamental difference between those that dream and those that are able to make their dreams a reality is a two-fold question?

1. Do you have a specific action plan in place to accomplish your dreams/goals?

action plan

-My action plan is written down.

-I revisit this plan once a month and make adjustments where needed.

-I have a set amount of money that is automatically set aside.

–  A  time frame is established.

-I have narrowed down my deisred locations.

– I keep visual reminders of my dream within sight.


2. Do you have the grit to stay the course and/or  right the ship when setbacks occur? 

gritLet’s get real here… life happens. When my son was diagnosed with a major health problem last year, my dream, my plan took a major blow and had to be put on hold.  It’s easy to give up and throw in the towel when life gets really hard and things happen -sometimes  beyond our control.

 What matters is that you get back up- you right the ship- you make your dreams come true.


What are your dreams?  


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