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Always a good idea to speak with kindness and understanding and appreciate life & all that it brings. Thank you, MS Butterflies.


I hear conversations a lot that make me wonder if people really ever think about what they are saying, the impact their words may have on others, and what in life is important to them.

I’m not one to bite my tongue and I feel people should openly share views. However sometimes maybe we should think first. I think and I hope that I am pretty good at weighing these times out. I’ve always tried to put myself in others shoes. Understand who people are and be aware of who’s presence I’m in. I’m sure I have stuck my foot in my mouth a few times over my years. I can’t know everyone’s situation. Which brings me to why I was thinking about a recent conversation I was witness to. I know they didn’t mean any harm. Most of them don’t even know I have MS. The ones that do…

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  • Wow , beautiful, your beautiful and your story is as well. In my Sunshine Project I try to put what is not so positive into a positive light.Your situation gives you light, strength and a depth people without the depth of circumstances ever experience.
    My son of 23 is on his second round of acute Lymphoblastic cancer, he has had a transplant and extreme treatment, he has chose this round to fight himself, with raw foods and supplements and herbs and attitude. He lost his life a couple times and has severe consequences of his last battle leaving him the choice to choose to live out his life as healthy as possible and not shorten it any farther and live sick.
    I had a hard time at first with it , but learning along the way we each have choices and they need to be honored. I too have extreme health challenges that I have chosen to treat myself the same way, so he came by it honestly and he trusts in the process of a beautiful life while were here and never fears the other side. He says its better mom dont worry. There are days I want to go first to never experience what I may. Then my other 3 children and grandchildren remind me, they are also here and we all love every minute we can together.
    Love to you sweet angel, your story and strength have inspired me!

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  • Thank you for sharing this post Pepper. Much appreciated!

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