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Campfire Social-Media

As my son and his friend Michael plopped down on the log next to our campfire, Michael looked over at me and asked if he could have his cell phone.  I took a deep breath in and before I could respond, my son looked straight up into the darkness of night and with the bright stars  up high he said, “Wow, it’s so cool here. Man, you don’t need your  phone; look up.”

In that moment, I smiled lovingly at my son and knew he ‘got it.’  He understood why I brought him here. As a girl who grew up in the woods of Western Carolina and the Swamp, I was a bit ashamed that I hadn’t taken him camping before now.


After the initial shock of not having modern technology at their disposal, they both came to realize that they could still have fun and embrace all that Mother Nature has to offer.  There is a unique joy for boys of peeing in the woods, being muddy, dirty and the ever real frustrations and success of  putting up a tent.



Ahh, the sweet taste of victory!

Our lives are full of  details; the hustle of the work week, homework, chores,  bills and the blunders of the day are all sure to creep into our daily conversations.  However, something quite transformative happens when we put ourselves around a campfire-

 We tell stories.


Kalahari tribe-photo credit livescience

We share-we listen- we empathize-we connect on a visceral level.

And we’ve been doing it for thousands of  years.  The hunting-gathering societies such as that of the Kalahari Bushmen in Botswana utilize the fireside chats to bond with others in their tribes through dancing, song and stories of their ancestors of whom displayed tremendous courage in the hunt. Perhaps this was the  early beginnings of social media- a way to connect; to form a sense of community-ever heard of Facebook? WordPress? Twitter? And yes, much to my chagrin, Snapchat.

social media icon


The circles that are created around a campfire are a natural source of unity and human openness.  On the second night of our camping trip, Michael shared his deeply personal feelings and desire to play professional soccer.  A campfire story  that expressed disappoint- a dream dismissed by his parents as ‘silly and too expensive.’ Even at his young age, I believe he understands the value of being part of a team, and  something bigger than himself- connecting with others who share his passion. We encouraged Michael to keep speaking of  his love and dream with his parents and anyone who would listen.IMG_3726

And if he does, oh, what a wonderful story could be told… around the campfire.


Helping others


A great opportunity to connect with others. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s the Meet and Greet weekend at Dream Big!!

Ok so here are the rules:

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Now that all the rules have been clearly explained get out there and Meet n Greet your tails off!

See ya on Monday!!

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Getting out of your own way

I’m happy that I finally have decided to ‘get out of my own way’ and move forward with my passion and purpose to connect  others through the power of story(we all have one).  The unleashing came in discovering Danny’s story of thriving and living life to the fullest in spite of  his MS diagnosis.  Dream Big, Dream Often has been a source of comfort, motivation and a good ole swift kick in the rear just when I needed it.




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